Yael Guetta


As a Stylist ,Fashion Consultant,Costume designer I have  the opportunity to work at the highest levels in every branch of my vocation: television, editorial, design, commercial styling and FILM.This wide range of experience has marked my extensive career with originality, precision, and an exceptional talent for forecasting trends.

I always find ways to go beyond--beyond fashion, beyond current trends, beyond image-building, I have created a hallmark signature that attracts prestigious clients, famous designers, and outstanding photographers. They appreciate my unique talent for styling that crafts a strong visual image and shapes a high impact personality. I love the challenge of formulating new ideas every time I style a character, a television personality, or a public figure. This is the result of a coherent approach, with an eye for the tasteful garment that will look just right, attention to precise details, sensitivity to the particular demands of screen, personal appearances, ceremonial occasions, or photo shoots. Looking at clothing with the imagination of a storyteller, I use my sense of fashion to create a bigger than life character without ever losing sight of the real life person I am working with.

                "My mission is to find the essence of a personality and make it glow".

I have acquired an exceptional range and depth of experience designing and styling, creating mood boards, and manufacturing my own designs all the way from sketches to a full collection. Working side-by-side with production companies, publicists, journalists and creative directors, I have also acquired a business perspective on fashion and styling.  

My multi-cultural background adds an additional dimension to my creative work. Living, traveling, and working in many different countries gives zest to my styling. All my projects are cross-fertilized. With a practiced eye for global fashion, I  anticipate changes from multiple directions. Working from instinct and intuition, envisaging and creating new fashion ideals, I offer my clients a harmonious blend of the latest fashion and ultimate good taste.


Yael Guetta